Happy New Year

If anyone is reading this blog you know it has been dead for the past year and has had at least one massive design and content change. With a new year I’m aiming to breath new life into this site. It is after all my “digital home”, where I present myself and my work to the public. That will all be here and hopefully something of a new project I am developing might manifest as well.

Sometimes however the blog might take a more “journalistic” tone. I may post comments on “current” happenstance, local national or international news, scientific developments, or peculiar novelties. At times these may appear partisan, especially when addressing “political” happenstance.

I am fascinated with public conceptions of philosophy, and as a professional philosopher I might have something to say about it. I will return to the figure of the philosopher, what I think philosophy is, what it does and what it isn’t fairly regularly.

Finally, as a college instructor I encounter brilliant and creative students daily. Sometimes I may reply to them, or address questions that originate from them. They can be absolutely brilliant, and in a way they are the reason for this site.

I hope you’ll check back regularly, over the next few days I will be implementing and integrating more social networking tools with the site.

The next post will be rather topical. Following the tragedy in Connecticut, I was asked about the relation between the media and violence in our society. I will not be addressing this particular question, but I will address the discourse that has developed politically and socially after the tragedy.

Happy New Year.
Stay Tuned.